Sexty Minutes: Mike Wallace Asks Leslie Stahl About Her Sex-life

Leslie Stahl. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Wednesday, Jan. 13

Mike Wallace, Howard Stern–what’s the huge difference? There was none. Certainly not. Any longer. Everybody confesses everything now, with no topic may be out of bounds as soon as the digital camera light continues on.

Fine, let’s back up for a minute. Regarding the|In the|Regarding the|From the nights Jan. 6, 60 minutes Leslie tha trip to Diane Sawyer on ABC’s 20/20 to connect her brand new guide, Reporting Live. Ms. Stahl just about told Ms. Sawyer that her devotion to big-time television journalism made her a bad spouse and mom. Ms. Sawyer talked about that she when saw Ms. Stahl crying in the phone when you look at the White House press space. As well as on as well as on, la-di-da, any such thing to promote a book, right?

The discussion ultimately free sex cam looked to Ms. Stahl’s spouse, Urban Cowboy screenwriter Aaron Latham, and exactly how depressed he had been for, oh, around three years when you look at the 80’s. Ms. Stahl had been Ms. That is telling Sawyer how her colleague Mike Wallace set her right, instructing her to make certain that she got some assistance on her spouse. Only at that true part of the 20/20 meeting, Ms. Sawyer and Ms. Stahl visited Mr. Wallace in the workplace over at CBS. He had been seated behind his desk, searching great as always. The ladies seemed frightened to stay in their existence. Ms. Sawyer asked Mr. Wallace to recall the stern advice he had fond of Ms. Continue reading “Sexty Minutes: Mike Wallace Asks Leslie Stahl About Her Sex-life”