Dating in Norway: the Strangest things just men that are norwegian

Most of these are real, either skilled by me personally or a few of my feminine buddies. Okay okay, some I made, not too numerous really. Hey, no body said it had been unlawful to own just a little imagination ?? you can look at to guess which ones I comprised though, a beneficial test to understand whether you realize Norwegian society well, or whether you understand me well.

1. Would you like to have young ones beside me? If you don’t, inform me. I am 35, no right time for you to lose with you.

2. Just How times that are many week do you really train?

3. Do you wish to be my “venn med fordell”? Me personally: Your just what? Man: buddy with benefits, you realize, sex.

4. Would you like friluftsliv?

5. Don’t stand therefore close to my automobile. It’s a Tesla you realize, very costly.

6. Are you drunk? After all drunk enough never to keep in mind everything we are planning to do?

7. Which nation do you realy originate from? Oh i’ve a that nation coloured currently on my world map of beginning of girls we had sex with. Once you learn any woman from Fiji, North Korea or Romania inform me, i’m interested!

8. Guy: could you go far from Oslo? Girl: To where for instance? Man: to your town in Trondelag I was raised in and live 30 meters far from my moms and dads. You understand, for the children to develop up in stuff and nature. Girl: What’s your title once again? Guy: Nevermind.

9. It absolutely was this type of koselig night we spent together don’t you imagine?

10. To your waiter: No we’re spending split. If you ask me: you’d a drink significantly more you had tonight than me, don’t forget to pay everything. Me, quietly: Screw likestilling.

11. I enjoy the whale burger right here, you need to get that.

12. Do you wish to snus?

13. Guy: Which novel from Knausgard would you choose? Continue reading “Dating in Norway: the Strangest things just men that are norwegian”