In Ooku: The internal Chambers, there is Shogun Yoshimune (a Gender Flip of this genuine Yoshimune) therefore the chamberlain that is senior

  • . Yoshimune even acknowledged on Sugishita’s deathbed that even though they certainly were never enthusiasts, he had been the closest she had to a mate (plus it did not harm that her daughters regarded him as his or her dad, having all lost theirs at young ages). She had him interred as one of her concubines, rather than just as a chamberlain when he died.
  • In Oreimo, Saori and Kyousuke as a result of Saori being mostly of the feminine leads that does not fall in deep love with him. Averted within the novel that is visual you perform the best route though.
  • Oz and Alice in Pandora Hearts, according to term of Jesus. They share a tremendously strong relationship and it really is made clear they give consideration to one another the main individual within their life. While there is lots of Ship Tease between them, term of Jesus claims their love for every single other is wholly platonic. Fans scarcely see them that way, however.
  • Patlabor: In the OVA continuity, Noa Izumi and Asuma Shinohara are lovers whom quickly form a detailed relationship with one another. Nevertheless, the new Generation live action series, which continues through the initial OVA continuity states that Noa and Asuma sooner or later did meet up in the long run as well as in The Cellphone Police/New data continuity they will have such chemistry that their teammates start to suspect that their relationship goes much much deeper than that, using the last episodes implying which they might be appropriate.
  • Sailor Moon: