Navy Rear Admiral Timothy Giardina Discovered Guilty of Gambling Charges

Rear Admiral Tim Giardina was removed from their post at STRATCOM after using gambling that is counterfeit at an Iowa casino. (Image: U.S. Navy)

Here’s something most people would agree with: watching over the nuclear arsenal of the United States is a pretty occupation that is serious. And while we might often believe that our personal everyday lives shouldn’t affect our job status, it makes sense that you would want to leave this kind of obligation in the hands of someone who does not have any skeletons within their wardrobe.

Counterfeit Chips Unbecoming an Officer

That is why whenever it came out that Rear Admiral Timothy Giardina had been under research for reportedly using counterfeit chips at an Iowa casino last year, it took virtually no time at all for him to be suspended in September. Not long after, he had been demoted from three-star ranking to two-star, fired from his job once the deputy commander of US Strategic Command (STRATCOM), and reassigned to an employee officer position in Washington.

Of program, their activities also meant he’d be charges that are facing. Earlier in the day this Giardina was found guilty under the Uniform Code of Military Justice week. Based on a statement from the united states Navy, Giardina was convicted on two counts of ‘conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.’

‘ The first count involved Giardina lying to an investigator,’ the Navy declaration read. ‘T Continue reading “Navy Rear Admiral Timothy Giardina Discovered Guilty of Gambling Charges”

Japan Begins Casino Legalization Debate in Earnest

Japanese lawmaker Takeshi Iwaya, a leading proponent of land casino legalization: ‘It’s best to strike as the iron is hot!’ (Image:

The earth’s casino giants is closely watching developments in Japan next week as the country’s parliament known as the Diet is anticipated to begin debating a bill that seeks to legalize and regulate land-based casino gambling. Japan sometimes appears as a sleeping giant associated with industry: it is estimated that a casino that is regulated here could eventually generate $40 billion in revenue yearly, which would make it the 2nd largest in the world, after Macau. And Japan’s politicians are wanting to find new methods of revitalizing the economy and profit from the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Strike As The Iron is Hot

The country’s ruling Liberal Democrat Party presented a bill to parliament in early which is backed by a group of more than 200 lawmakers december. Additionally, Liberal Democrat Takeshi Iwaya, a respected proponent of the bill, stated he had recently secured support for the bill from a coalition partner and people of the main opposition party.

‘We are approaching debate that is starting’ he stated this week. ‘It is better to strike while the iron is hot.’

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been visiting casino resorts in Singapore, where he expressed their interest in the positive effect that such ventures may have on the Japanese economy.

‘I th Continue reading “Japan Begins Casino Legalization Debate in Earnest”

Hawaii Latest State to Crack Down on Sweepstakes Parlors

Hawaii: Sweepstakes devices such as this one are seized in current raids by Honolulu police. (Image:

A place where one can go on a grand vacation to get away from their troubles for most Americans, Hawaii seems like an exotic destination. Unfortunately for the operators of sweepstakes cafes, the continuing state has decided that it is not just a destination where they will have the ability to hide.

A huge selection of charges have been filed against the owners and operators of sweepstakes machines in a bust that is major Hawaii. A grand jury has returned an indictment that included 414 counts against three establishment owners and six additional employees, including unlawful fees of money laundering and gambling that is promoting.

So far, seven associated with nine people charged are arrested. The 2 people that are remaining Mike Miller and Mike Madali, are currently in the mainland united states of america. Officials say they will be arrested on their go back to Hawaii.

As the arrests and charges were sweeping, the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) has made it clear that their research is far from over.

‘Those who have it in their establishments, it would be wise to eliminate them because after them,’ said HPD Major Jerry Inouye if they don’t, the HPD will be coming.

Federal Judge Declares Machines Illegal

The move comes after federal judge Leslie Kobayashi granted the town of Honolulu’s motion for summary j Continue reading “Hawaii Latest State to Crack Down on Sweepstakes Parlors”

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