Reasons You Go Through Vaginal Swelling and Soreness After Intercourse

Genital health is a important things to consider, specially after sex. And a vagina that is swollen be warning you that one thing is incorrect.

It isn’t as you must know some great benefits of intercourse to savor a good tumble. In every instance, it can launch plenty of anxiety. As soon as it really is done, rolling up to get your breathing and cool off could be in the same way soothing. However you are feeling like there is something amiss and there is plumpness you’re feeling in your vagina. Searching down, this indicates red, inflamed and causes discomfort. Can it be allowed to be like that?

Not quite. There are numerous reasons for vaginal swelling after sexual activity. Some could be absolutely nothing to be concerned about while many might justify intervention that is medical. If you think uncomfortable, visiting a health care provider to clear your doubts up is advisable.

Nevertheless, listed below are a few main reasons why you could be experiencing inflammation and redness down there:

You are having a reaction that is allergic

Then it could be that you are sensitive to something that comes in contact with your vagina if you find that accompanying your swollen vagina is a rash. Continue reading “Reasons You Go Through Vaginal Swelling and Soreness After Intercourse”