Ghost Vaporizer Pen Kit

Dr. Dabber™ Ghost Pen is really a sleek, portable vaporizer pen, built to be properly used with gluey natural oils, waxes and concentrates.

Titanium Heating Element

The Ghost Pen comes with a titanium heating element in the heating chamber that is main. The Dr Dabber’s™ titanium element gives a much cleaner tasting vapour – similar to a oil from a Ti nail or skillet unlike other pen vaporizers which have Nickel-Chrome heating coils.

The titanium technology does mean that the Ghost Pen can operate at reduced temperatures than many other vaporizers. Whilst there is certainly still combustion occurring, the reduced heat means there is absolutely no nasty metallic flavor – simply smooth, clean vapour.

Good Quality Battery

The Ghost is run on a big lithium-ion battery pack. Battery pack provides around 200 hits from the solitary cost, and this is a vaporizer pen that will keep going so long as you like to.

Oil Vape

This piece is 5mg cbd gummies especially be created to be used in combination with dry natural herb concentrates. These are generally suitable for any and all sorts of gluey oils, waxes and concentrates. Concentrates are several times stronger that the comparable fat of dry herb. Continue reading “Ghost Vaporizer Pen Kit”